Zone Rate Clone

In order to set up zone rates for you, we need answers to the questions below. If you have ordered MORE THAN ONE Zone Rate Clone, please fill this form out for each zone rate you want set up.

Eg: US or Canada or International, etc.
The shipping cost is based on the total cost or weight of items or count of the items. Example: 25:8.50,50:5.50,etc.. Up to 25 charge 8.50, from there to 50 charge 5.50, etc. You can also use percentage amounts, such 25:8.50,35:5%,40:9.50,10000:7% to charge a percentage value of the Order Total
EG: All United States OR Canada only OR International not to include Canada, etc
If yes, please specify the fee amount. If no, please type "no" because this is a required field and cannot be left blank.
Please mark if you said "yes" for the handling fee above. NOTE - if you set up a maximum weight under Configuration>Shipping/Packaging and the order weight goes over that amount, then you may want to charge more for the second box.
NOTE: Most common selection is based on SHIPPING address